Monday, April 1, 2013

Do You Know How to Play Hard to Get? - Make Him Crazy For You!

Do you know all the rules when you play hard to get? Do you know how to make him crazy for you, so you don't have to go after him? Can you make him instantly want to go out with you? Some women may not know how to play hard to get, and without reading this article they might never know.

Learning how to gain a man's interest and keep him interested is something every woman needs to know. Most women can't be sure they've learned all they can know about it, or if they have all the important information they might need. A common thing many women talk about is that not being available for your guy at all times will make him want to be with you even more. However, most women really don't know all they need to, and that could hurt the relationships they have in the future.

Timing is everything in the game of playing hard to get. First you'll need to attract him to you by remaining aloof and disinterested. Then you need to give him a sign that you are in fact interested in him romantically, but try not to be to forward about doing so. You'll know when it starts to work when he begins paying more attention to you and shows interest in you. However, if he doesn't show more interest, you may be playing hard to get too hard, or he's just not interested.

After you exchange phone numbers you should wait for him to call you first. Some women ignore this rule, but if you really want to make sure he's into you, then you should not call him first. No matter how long he waits, you shouldn't call him, because if he didn't call after a week or two, then he probably won't call at all. Most guys will usually wait a short while before calling because they also don't want to seem desperate, but if he's really interested then he will call.

When he does finally call you, don't make him think you were waiting for his call, act pleasantly surprised that he called. If you're still interested in him then make a date for a later time. Do not make the date for that same night, you should tell him you have plans even if you don't. You are allowed to be vague and not tell him the plans. If he thinks you're going out with other people, he will want to do whatever it takes to win you over first if you give him a chance.

During the first date try to keep it light, almost businesslike, like you're sizing him up and trying to decide if you like him or not, even if you already do. Show him that you're intelligent, confident, and fun. Smart women are usually a turn-on for most guys that know how to value a person for their important character traits.

Don't talk about your past relationships, and don't ask about his. Don't talk about yourself too much, ask about him, and keep the conversation going by taking turns. Whatever you do, don't bring up the subject of marriage in any context on the first date. Some guys could think you're trying to make a hint and will run for the nearest exit.

Get his full attention by learning how to play hard to get, and you'll keep him wanting more.

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