Saturday, July 27, 2013

Supply Chain Management for Successful Business

To achieve high profit margins in your line of business, it's necessary to excel not only in making more money than you invest, but ensuring impressive sales are possible. You must choose quality products to warehouse or drop ship, budget your marketing wisely to attract the most traffic for the lowest spends, and maintain good relationships with the other links in your supply chain. These include the suppliers of raw materials, the manufacturers who turn that into your finished products, suppliers of other necessities like packaging, and finally your clientele. As you delve deeper into international business by way of aglobal trade portal for connections, you'll find the opportunities for finding specific needs to populate your inventory are limitless. Maintaining good relations with suppliers, however, may require some care.

Important Steps to Ensure a Strong Chain

1) Study all trade agreements made between you and your suppliers and vendors carefully. If you supply a product, take care to look for exclusivity in clauses; if you wish to broaden your business, it may not always help to give all rights of sale to one vendor. If you import goods, know whether or not suppliers have a clause prohibiting you from selling competing products.

2) Clear away any language barriers before you get serious about negotiations. When dealing with overseas companies, there is the likelihood for things to get lost in translation. If necessary, consult with somebody who speaks the language of your supplier to make sure everybody is on the same page.

3) Keep an honest profile of your business. When you join a supply chain portal for the purpose of attracting contacts, your profile is often the first impression they will have of your company. Make sure all information is accurate, that supplemental websites and social networks are updated, and that all contact information is valid.

Monday, July 22, 2013

So You Think You Know How to Play Soccer?

You may think that you know how to play soccer. You might have been playing for a while, and are really enjoying having a kick around with friends. But some people want to take this further, and play more often, or in proper organised games.

Here are 5 tips to help you as you learn how to play soccer.

1. As you play more, you will see in what areas you need to improve your fitness. It might be that you can't last 90 minutes, or that you get hustled off the ball too easily, or that you don't have enough speed to beat an opponent, then you can work on it. Also you will become more aware of the importance of your diet. In order to keep improving, and reap the benefits of your training, you'll want to make sure that you eat properly, and don't over indulge yourself.

2. If you can play with people who are better than you, then you will get better. As well as improving your skills on the ball, your awareness and positioning off the ball will improve too. You will learn which the right pass is, and where you need to be, in order to help out a team mate, or to strengthen the attack or defence. Perhaps you're a natural leader and can see what people should be doing. Would you make a good captain?

3. As your skills, fitness and awareness improve, you might want to take your playing more seriously, and thing about joining a team. This will mean that you're playing regularly, and have responsibilities and expectations. Being a player in the team will also give you access to football coaching, soccer drills, and an experienced soccer coach. All of this will help you to become even better.

4. As you continue to learn how to play soccer, you'll probably want to look at different coaching methods. What makes certain teams, countries or managers so successful? Why are some players so good at spotting a pass? What is it that makes some players stay injury free?

5. You're always learning how to play football. Every game you play, or match you watch, or interview you read, you'll learn something, and become a better player. Why not explore as many avenues as you can, and see what you can learn, and how you can be a better player, and important team member?

Now you know more about how to play soccer, have you got the dedication and desire to become a better player?

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Trading FOREX As Your Own Home Based Business

If you are an individual looking for ways to make extra income at home, the most common method is the use of your own PC with the connection to the Internet.

FOREX is one of the major "Make money" opportunities that can be found in the Internet. There are many traders that are doing well in this field. Why not you?

Let think about it. If you want to start a traditional business, what would be the things that you may consider?

You need to have the following:
1. Capital
2. Employees
3. Places for your business (Example: Office and warehouse)
4. Asset (Vehicles, Office furniture, shelves for keeping your product)
5. Growing the business

There are many things to be worried for starting a traditional business.

First of all, you need employees. You need to take care of their wages, manage the manpower if any of them is sick, on leave and not present for work. Take care of their wellfare and train them properly for the work.

Next, a place for the business operation. Employees need a office where they can work at, your product need a storage place before it is delivered to the customer. If a place is rented, the rental fee need to be taken care of to keep the operation cost as low as possible.

Next, the asset for your business operation. Asset such as vehicle for transporting the goods. Maintainence and service your vehicles for the operation. Office furniture is needed for the employees to use and storage equipments for parking your product.

Finally, you need to invest a lot on advertising your business and look for new clients to grow your business. This is the most important element for running a business and this will keep your business to last long and profitable.

There are many more factors to be taken care of...

In FOREX, the traders do not have to worry for these. What the traders need to concern is their capital to place their trades.

Trades is like their employees. Once a trade is placed, the trade is working for the traders as the market prices is moving.

For a trader to make more money, more trades are required to be placed. Trades act like an employee for the traders and as the trader's capital grow, the trader can place more trades.

Lastly, as a trader myself, what I am doing every day is to look at the market a few times a day. Look at the news for any happening events that may cause the market prices to move dramatically. Other than these, the rest of the time are free to do what ever I want.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

The Profitable Online Business of Information Marketing

Information marketing, otherwise known as info-marketing, is the basis of a profitable online business for anybody that uses the internet to make money. There are many ways of using information products to make money and also to advertise or promote your primary business, and some of these will be discussed here.

More than any other reason, the internet is used to find information. To have a question answered, a problem solved or a product sourced, the vast majority uses the information for information. One way to take advantage of that fact is information marketing, which can be approached in a number of ways. Among them are:

1. Writing an Ebook

EBook writing is very common online, although there are specific rules and formats to follow that maximize the likelihood of your eBook being profitable. If you have a skill or a profession, such as if you are a holistic healer, an astrologer or a Reiki master, you can write an eBook on your particular specialty, set a price and publish it online on your website or blog.

2. Content Web Pages

Another way to disseminate information is to publish content web pages. You can do this either on a general natural healing or alternative therapy website, with a different info-page on each technique or discipline, or use subdomains on your website to offer information on a variety of natural healing topics or just on your specialization. You can monetize these pages by selling your own eBooks or affiliate products, or use the information marketing technique simply to promote the service that you offer.

3. Blogging

Your blog could be focused on your own discipline or could be generalized on alternative therapy in generally, with blog pages targeting each of those natural healing topics that you promote or for which you offer professional services. You don't have to practice them all, but can build a profitable online business by simply offering information pages on which you promote affiliate products and services that earn you money whenever you make a sale.

4. Free Gifts and eMailing Lists

Finally, another way in which information marketing can be used to promote a profitable online business is to offer free reports as a gift for joining your emailing list. Publish a registration form on your website or blog, with a free report providing information on Reiki, hypnotherapy or energy healing as a gift for providing you with their contact details. You can then maintain contact with everybody in your list, offering cut-price products and professional services to people with whom you would never had been able to contact but for your list.

These are just four possible strategies that can be used to promote a profitable online business by means of information marketing. So what type of information would people be interested in, and how should it be presented?

Information Presentation

First, don't be too technical. Yes, some of your visitors will understand the technical aspects of your method of healing or exercising, but the vast majority will not. In fact, the former will likely not be interested in your info-products, but will go straight to the object of the site: your product or service, and you will have no need to persuade them of the benefits of your products.

Explain your topic in simple language, so that those new to, say, energy healing or life coaching will understand more about it after reading your information page. One of the secrets of a profitable information marketing web page is to provide the information the visitor is seeking, but also to offer them a means of using that information in a practical way.

"That is what life coaching is, and now here is where to get it". Provide some examples of how it benefited real people, and include some testimonials from these people if you can.

Then, within the report, include links to your sales page or sign-up page for your services. Maybe offer a free coaching session inside the report to attract them, but what is being stressed here is that the object of information marketing is not to immediately make cash from the visitor, but to set the foundations of a profitable online business by getting them interested and projecting yourself as being empathic about their problem by offering free information and even a free coaching session.

If your services are as successful as you claim them to be you should then be able to persuade the visitor to sign up for a full course of treatment. If this sounds like a lot of work for just one customer, keep in mind the major benefit of the internet: automation. All of this can be automated, and you need only get involved when any personal intervention is necessary.

Most online marketing is fully automated, and once you have everything set up you simply wait for the money to come in: wake up in the morning richer than when you went to bed! That is how a profitable online business based on information marketing should be run!

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Home Based Business - It's Simple and It's Very Profitable!

If you want a home based business then this one is simple anyone can do it (all you need is an internet connection and some seed capital) and it is one of the only ways to start with a small stake and build serious wealth.

Let's look at this ultimate home based business in more detail. Forget MLM, Affiliate deals, or net marketing, this is an online home based business that will make you much more money.

First, let's look at the advantages. You only need an internet connection, an hour or two a day, some seed money and a willingness to learn a specific method that you can apply for huge profit. So what is it?

It's becoming a currency trader from home and it's easier than you may think. If you have never considered this, then you should, as everything about this business can be LEARNED, the starting capital you need is small and it has one huge advantage to help you build wealth:


Leverage means that you can use more money than you actually have. In simple terms if you deposit $3,000 with a broker they will allow you to trade on a leverage of 100:1 - i.e $300,000! You don't have to do anything; the broker will simply let you do this as soon as you open the account. This gives you huge profit potential! It is of course a double edged sword - Where rewards are high so to is risk, so you need a way to limit risk.

There are numerous methods you can learn easily! Everything about trading can be learned. This was proved by legendary trader Richard Dennis, who taught 14 people with no financial experience a trading method in 14 days.

The result?

They went on to make millions and became some of the most famous traders ( they were nicknamed the "turtles" ) of all time. When choosing a method to trade you should pick a simple method that has been known to make money. Two good ones are a "breakout" method used by the "turtle" traders above which made them millions and the methods of W D Gann a legendary trader who made $50 million by applying his methods.

The methods involve the study of charts, to look for repetitive price patterns. This is an excellent way of trading as human nature is constant (and decides the price of anything) repetitive price patterns reoccur and you can take advantage. Don't worry if this is a bit confusing at first when you look at the logic it makes perfect sense.


Charting packages are available free on the net and all you need to do is look at them. Place your orders online and that's it - It should take no more than a few hours a day.

You can make profits in bull and bear markets so there is always an opportunity to trade for profit. If you are prepared to spend a few weeks learning you will then have all the knowledge you need to trade successfully. This business is so good because you are in charge of your own destiny. You don't have top reply on getting customers or sell your product and it's the ultimate home business.

Could you do it?

Of course you can if you are prepared to learn. Trading with leverage gives the average person one of the few ways to generate huge profits and is one of the only businesses to generate serious wealth.

Doesn't that sound better than MLM Affiliate marketing or trying to market a product. In just an hour or two a day, you could soon be earning profits you have only dream't about. Take a look at this home based business and you may be glad you did.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

How To Turn Your eBook Into A Massive Information Marketing Business!

Do you have an e-book? Is it doing well? Most people feel satisfied if they have an e-book that is selling well. What they don’t realize however, is if they adopt three simple strategies, they can double or triple their profits.

You see it’s not enough to just sell an e-book. You should be looking at the bigger picture. The bigger picture involves converting your e-book into an information marketing empire.

How do you do that?

Secret #1 – Add Audio

If you have a successful e-book, you can boost your profits and increase your revenues by creating audios to accompany your ebooks.

Let’s say your e-book is selling well. Now what? You should consider adding audios to your e-book. Doing so will allow you to raise the price and value of the e-book you offer your customers.

What do I mean? Let’s say for example you sell your e-book online for $37. Maybe you have a successful guide on candle making. If you want to boost your sales and the value your customers perceive from your e-book, read the book, record it… or make a couple of MP3 files your customers can download.

Incorporate this into your sales pitch. Use this as an upsell.

As soon as you add a couple of hours of audio, you can raise the price from $37 to $47 to $67. Some people won’t buy from you because they are turned off by e-books. Why? They don’t want to read. You solve this problem by providing an audio of your course.

Remember, people learn differently. So, some people will prefer an audio or MP3 because they don’t learn well by reading.

Secret #2 – Get Physical

What is the next way you can boost your profits? You can go physical. Today when people think about information marketing, they think about e-books.

The truth is e-books are simply one medium, one information product idea you can market. There are other physical products however, that can generate even more profits for you.

What types of products? DVDs, CDs, membership site, business in a box, systems, templates, software, tools… there are so many things you can market besides an e-book.

So convert your winning idea into a multimedia product. Make if physical.

One of the biggest mistakes people make is they think people won’t want audios and material. That’s not true. People do want physical products, other information. They want audios. Then you can double, triple or even quadruple your price.

To me, when I sell an e-book (Like my forbidden Psychological Tactics) I always have an upsell. You’ll find you automatically make more money and you’ll reduce the risk of refunds.

People don’t want a refund when you give them this much information. Sometimes it’s not because they don’t want your product, they just want to rip you off. However, when you turn your e-book into a physical product, you’ll see your refund rate drops dramatically.

Your refund rate will drop from 12-14% to 2%. Why? You are adding to customer satisfaction. You are also helping other markets and people like the elderly (who may not want to read an e-book).

This type of product and service generates more rave reviews. And it’s easy. All you have to do is turn your product into a physical product.

Secret #3 – Create a Back-End Product

The third strategy you need to adopt to generate more profits is providing a back-end product. You see, when you are selling an e-book, you have a customer.

You should have a back-end in place, a series of auto-responders that will upsell, backend sell other products.

Most people assume they can only make money from their products. If you think like this, you will lose money. Why?

Sometimes your customers aren’t interested in your specific product, but they are interested in you. And they will take your advice. So if you offer them a back-end product, something someone else created, you may still make the sale.

You should have other people’s products readily available so you can make a commission on them. Just because someone doesn’t buy your product doesn’t mean they won’t want to buy others products.

It doesn’t matter if they buy your products as long as you are making money. If you have a back-end in place, you can act as an affiliate and you can sell them something someone else is offering. Use auto responders and make money. Pitch other people’s products. Make it profitable for your customers to invest, even if they don’t initially invest in your product specifically.

How do you profit from the people that don’t order from you? That’s how you do it.

Apply these three ideas and watch how they make you more money. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by the incredible results you start realizing.