Monday, April 8, 2013

Information Marketing - Crank Out Your Own Hot-Selling Report In Just Hours!

Creating a small report and selling it online is one proven way to start making money on the Internet. A small report is easy to create and can often be done in just hours!

So how do you create your own small report?

Here's how it's done!

1. Find A Topic To Write About

Preferably you'd want to choose a niche topic rather than a general topic as a niche topic does get you more targeted buyers. People are generally looking for very specific information online. Also, you'll have lesser competition by covering a niche topic!

2. Do Your Research

Do some online research on the topic. Use online encyclopedias, article directories, and forums to do your research. Even better, venture offline and get a book to do some thorough research! If you are an already an expert on the topic, you can skip this part.

3. Flesh Out An Outline

Create an outline of your product. I usually do this by creating my contents page first! For each chapter, I will highlight 3 main topics I want to discuss.

4. Start Writing

Now it's time to start actually writing your small report! This might be a little difficult at first, but once you get the first chapter out of the way, everything gets easier from then on. Just simply write as if you were talking a friend and your writing will flow much easier and smoother. Your writing will also be more interesting to read! A secret technique is to get a software like Dragon Naturally and speak using it. It will transcribe your voice into text!

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