Thursday, March 28, 2013

The Information Marketing Primer For Helping and Healing Solo-Professionals - Part 9 - Telesummits

As a helping and healing professional, you have a wealth of information to share. And through your Information Marketing business, you will be able to reach people far beyond the number you see in your private practice. In addition, Information Marketing can provide a lucrative stream of income that is residual in nature. 

In previous articles in this series, I have discussed identifying your target market, creating a web presence, developing a free report in written and audio formats as a means of building credibility, creating an email newsletter or e-zine as an ideal "keep-in-touch" strategy, creating an E-Book and hosting teleseminars. 

In this article in the series, I am going to discuss how to take the teleseminar to a higher level through hosting a Telesummit. 

A Telesummit is a series of teleseminars hosted by you and in addition to having you as one of the presenters, there would also be several other presenters from complementary disciplines that you have invited to participate and who will all address the same topic from different angles. You can either interview them or have them speak on their own. 

Let's use the example of a family therapist who works with parents of young children. You could have an eight part Telesummit that is entitled "How to Raise Your Children to Become Positive, Healthy, and Caring Adults". As a family therapist, you would provide your perspective for the first hour of the Telesummit. On subsequent calls (which you can schedule twice a week for four weeks), there could be presentations by a nutritionist, a developmental specialist, a recreation therapist, a physical therapist, a behavior specialist, a pediatrician, a nurse practitioner, a clergyman or woman or any number of helping or healing professionals who could lend their expertise to this subject.  Each call would be about an hour in length.

How would you get participants? Start be creating a list of all the people you know from different disciplines...they can be well known or be experts who aren't in the public eye...yet. Then extend the invitation to them to be a speaker. 

Would they be reimbursed for their appearance? No. Then why would they do it? Because appearing on other people's teleseminars directs listeners to their sites and is a no-cost way of marketing themselves. It is great publicity. 

What could you charge for the event? You could charge anywhere from $79 for the series to $159. Having well-known experts will, of course, command you the higher sale price. 

Follow all the same information for hosting a teleseminar that I gave in Part 7 and apply it to the Telesummit along with these other points: 

  • Come up with a theme or topic
  • Set the dates and time (same time for each call)
  • Invite your speakers
  • Once they agree, get their bios and photos. Send them the call date and time, the bridge line information and make sure to include the moderator code if there is one as you want them to call in on this. Be sure to send gentle reminders before the event.
  • Have your web designer design a one-page "sales page" that lists all the pertinent information (but NOT the call-in number) and lists all the speakers and their bios. People will be able to sign up from this page. Also have your webmaster create a database to capture the names and email addresses of those who are signing up for the call if you are not using a shopping cart system or a system like AWeber. 
  • If you do not have a shopping cart, there are other alternatives to have people pay for the teleseminar like Pay Pal or
  • Make sure to let people know that you will provide them a link to the recording of the call if they cannot attend live...this will up the rate of people signing up because listening live is not the only option. After the Telesummit is over, provide the link for replay to everyone who signed up and paid.
  • Send reminders of the call a few days before, a day before and the day of.
  • Make sure to get on the line at least 15 minutes before the call to make sure everything is working well. Ask the other speakers to get on the line with you about 5 minutes before the call.
  • Mute all callers before you begin.
  • Remember to turn on the recording for the teleseminar. Use a back up recording program if possible. 

By the way, some people offer the Telesummit for free to those who listen live but offer the recordings at the prices suggested earlier. You can package the Telesummit as one of your information products and promote it for as long as you like after the event.

Then promote, promote, promote. Feature the Telesummit in your E-zine and on your blog. Send a solo-email blast. Ask each of the speakers to promote the event to their lists (this will help you grow your list as subscribers have to opt-in through your database). 

Telesummits are great list-builders and credibility builders in addition to being a stream of income. Though they are a little more work on your part than a single teleseminar, they are well worth the time and effort.

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