Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Key Ways To Always Put Your Best Foot Forward With Your Business' Trade Show Displays

Participating in industry trade show exhibits offers businesses a chance to meet with prospective clients and offers in-person insight on what sets their services and products apart from the competitive masses. While many organizations engage in trade show exhibits annually, many companies often fall short when trying to reap a maximum return on their promotional investment. One of the biggest proponents of missed opportunity at these events? Failing to put their best marketing foot forward when it comes to presenting both their company image and line of products/services at trade show displays.

Once an organization has made the promotional decision to participate at an industry event, there are several items to consider for optimal achievement at every function. It's imperative to remember that a company's trade show exhibits are often the first and only exposure the attending crowds will get of any particular organization. Keeping a steady focus on how grab the attention of the passersby is a must.

What Do Your Trade Show Displays Say About Your Organization?

First and foremost, an organization should take stock on the current condition of their trade show exhibits. It's important to ensure that the image the stands present is polished and professional on every level. Having a shabby, unmaintained booth conveys the message that an organization doesn't have the funds for upkeep and/or doesn't care about the impression it makes on event attendees.

If, after careful inspection, you've determined that your trade show displays aren't up to snuff, it's time to bring in the experts. Working with a professional booth designer means you gain instant access to their industry expertise and their command of the latest design innovations. Ultimately, partnering with a design team will help your organization create a stand that appropriately represents your business, consistently conveys your current marketing message and best highlights the biggest strengths that your team offers over the competition.

Once the stand's outer appearance has been finalized, always work to keep the inside of the booth neat, organized and easily accessible at every function. Include shelving and cabinetry as needed to house updated marketing collateral and store backups and giveaways, and keep personal items out of sight. Keeping the booth tidy at every function will convey an inviting and welcome vibe to the crowd and will encourage them to stop by for a closer look at what your organization does.

Continue Polished Professionalism With Your Staff

Once your booths have passed inspection, it's time to consider your staff and the image they will convey at each function. Work with designated staffers before the event to hone their presentation and greeting talents. It's also imperative to really work with each employee on an individual level to practice their conversational skills as well as their ability to connect with booth visitors professionally to ensure they are best representing your organization.

Finally, always brainstorm the best dress code to adopt at each event. For formal functions shirt/tie and dressier attire makes sense. However, for most exhibits, stuffy outfits may seem out of place and deter guests from stopping in. At these functions, have your team don business-casual outfits. Khakis and button-up or collared shirts with the company logo prominently displayed will make your staff look polished, professional and, most importantly, approachable!

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