Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Can Your Trade Show Exhibits Hold Their Own In Today's Digital Commerce?

If you're a business owner, chances are, you've heard the news: It's a digital world that we're living in. Everywhere you look, entrepreneurs in every industry are using the Internet and other technological advances in abundance to help propel their business brand to the forefront of the global economy. From virtual meetings to webinars and a wide range of innovations in between, it seems that face-to-face client/vendor interaction is dwindling at an alarming pace.

Trade Show Exhibits Deliver Unparalleled Benefits For Businesses In Every Niche

While many traditional marketing techniques are beginning to feel the pinch when trying to keep up with the more modern mediums that cater to our digital commercial realm, one promotional resource is still proving itself to be an advertising force to reckon with: trade show exhibits. Regardless of how technologically-centric any given marketplace or niche becomes, today's modern trade show exhibits still deliver a wide range of unparalleled features and benefits that cutting-edge entrepreneurs simple can't ignore, thus solidifying their place in any marketing mix.

At any given event, a business' trade show exhibits can offer invaluable perks that include:

• Face-to-face connection

• Live product demonstrations

• Opportunity to outshine the competition (in both real time and real life)

• Chance to educate your business' consumer base through live seminars and workshops

Recognizing The Importance Of Keeping Your Trade Show Exhibits Cutting Edge

Despite the unwavering relevance of these promotional booths and stands, it's important for business owners to remember that, in order to effectively optimize function ROI, they must continuously raise the bar on what their booths and stands deliver to attendees. Relying on antiquated and obsolete (read, "lackluster") and technologically uninventive booths and stands is a surefire way to quickly disillusion today's savvy consumer. Rather, strategically-minded entrepreneurs consistently find relevant ways to breathe new life into this more traditionally-minded medium to ensure that their booths make a big impact that resonates with the wandering clientele and effectively stands out from the competition. When designing your final trade show exhibits, consider including innovations such as:

Moving parts: Don't let the "stand" in trade show stand fool you - today's booths can include a wide range of moving pieces and parts to effectively grab the wandering eye of the crowd.

Flat screens: Paper presentations are officially passé - incorporate flat screens throughout the stand to loop videos and marketing presentations that will make a meaningful impression on your guests.

Tablets: Who says that digital doesn't have its place in today's business booths and stands? Having electronic tablets ready to connect with the web can deliver a wide range of customer benefits. From instantly grabbing online information to answer questions, to helping visitors link up to your online social media pages, successfully incorporating electronic tablets can help ensure that your business looks cutting-edge and innovative. Leverage the benefits that come with the digital age and you'll stand head and shoulders above the competition.

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