Sunday, February 3, 2013

Key Ways To Garner The Crowd's Attention And Interest In Your Business Trade Show Booths

Any business leader that has ever engaged in a marketing convention knows that this promotional medium delivers an unprecedented array of benefits and overall return on investment. However, the results yielded at an industry function do require careful forethought and planning to successfully grab the attention of the crowd and steer them clear of the ever-present competition. But how? Oftentimes, these marketing events resemble the corporate version of a new cul-de-sac development. Lots of similarly constructed structures (aka - trade show displays) that all look pleasant enough, but don't really pack the advertorial wallop need to make a lasting impression.

If you want your business' exhibit for a trade show to stand out like a custom Cape in a sea of cookie cutter Colonials, it's time to start thinking outside of the box (or in this case booth!) and start getting creative with your convention image and displays for optimal impact. Understanding a few critical event rules can help ensure that your displays make the entrance you need to show the crowd that you are the only business at the event worth their precious time.

Rule #1: Trade Show Booths - Be The Round Peg In The Square Hole

Gone are the days when every business at an event was required to have square, boxlike trade show booths. Today's trade show booths literally come in every size and shape. Partner with a cutting edge design team who can help create finished exhibits that offer a distinctive final look that instantly differentiates your organization from the competition. The crowd will immediately be encouraged to visit your stands to get a closer look at what your organization has to offer.

Rule #2: Don't Be Afraid To Demand A Little Attention

Once you have finished trade show booths that are visually inviting, it's time to employ some other proven tactics. Most businesses offer free handouts to encourage visitors to check out their trade show exhibits. While effective, these promotional giveaways can prove a bit too reactive. Companies that want to get noticed can't be afraid to employ some proactive attention-getting tactics to stand out from the opposition. Bring your own sound system to be able to connect with the crowd throughout the day. Announce a raffle, ask trivia questions for prizes, hold a bidding auction for exciting merchandise, etc. In short, do whatever you can to be the (fun and exciting) squeaky wheel at the event!

Rule #3: Know What To Do With All That Attention

Of course, all the attention in the world is virtually pointless if your organization doesn't know how to effectively propel it forward into a lead or sale. While keeping the creative juices at a function is critical to success, it's also important to work closely with your team manning the trade show exhibits to ensure that they can best manage the influx of visitors and appropriately represent your organization. Consistent training sessions, either internally or through a partnership with a professional provider, can help ensure that your staff is ever-ready to engage, connect and close with every visitor that checks out your booths during the function.

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