Thursday, February 14, 2013

Information Marketing - 5 Scarily Potent Tactics To Grow A 5-Figure Information Empire

What's an information empire? Well, it's an empire of your information products selling round the clock and bringing home cash to you! Here are 5 scarily potent tactics to grow a 5-figure Internet information empire from scratch:

1. Make The Most Of Resell Rights

Resell rights products are instant products you can plug in and sell right away! They usually come with a completed sales letter and ecover, so they are ready to be sold immediately. Make the most of resell rights products when you can.

2. Turn A Teleseminar Into A Product

Conduct a teleseminar and turn it into a product that you can sell later on. Let your teleseminar participants know that you will be turning it into a product and selling it.

3. Turn Your Articles Into A Product

Written some articles in your niche? You can make a compilation of them and create a small report out of it and use it as a lead generator or a low-cost front-end product. It's as easy as copying and pasting your articles into a Word document, and converting the document into PDF format.

4. Create Audio/Video Versions Of Your Ebook

Once you have created an ebook, you can create an audio version of it by hiring a voice over artist to read out your ebook. You can also create video tutorials that complement your ebook.

5. Create A Home Study Course

Once you have a complete package of ebooks, reports, videos, and audio, you can create a complete home study course and sell it a premium price! This is a way to sell your products to those who want the whole enchilada from you.

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