Tuesday, January 1, 2013

How to Grow Your Network Marketing Business Without Cold Calling Leads

A REAL Plan For Massive Profits In Network Marketing By Creating A Favorable Economic State

Dear Friend,

If you are sick and tired of cold calling leads, not making money, and recruiting no one then this is one of the most important personal messages you'll ever receive.

I'd Like To Share Powerful information for creating real wealth in network marketing business without all of the hassles and expenses of doing things the old way. I've been through it all I've bought leads, I've done the whole warm marketing thing, and the thing is I've seen it work, but it didn't work for me and it just seemed like a lot of grunt work for so little.

In the back of my mind I always knew there had to be a better way and I'm here to tell you that there is. There was a missing link that I was unaware of. I didn't know about it because it wasn't something that my sponsors ever told me about and to be honest I don't even think they knew it.

Once I got hold of the following Idea My Business completely changed. Before I explain that idea, let me give you a little background information. Ever since I started my network marking business I always heard the term "leverage" used when referring to the opportunity a network marking business offered. I was told that what made network marketing so powerful was the ability to generate a virtually unlimited income by growing an organization below me that I would get paid for creating.

I agreed it was a great idea and to be honest it's what got me into the industry. That's the leverage that they talk about, i.e. getting paid for growing an organization that would go out and do the lions share of the work while I would get paid for it all. It sounded like a plan But when I got to work in creating this organization the application didn't quit match the idea.

The problem was I found it exceedingly hard to find the right people to join my business who would go out and duplicate my efforts. The Cold Hard Truth . . . One problem was it was hard to find the right type of people willing to take on a new business venture and the other problem was when I did find those few who were willing, they rarely, if ever, created that so called duplication.

Instead of finding powerful business builders to work with I ended running what was essentially an adult day care business in my network marking business. People who joined didn't know what to do and when I told them what to do they rarely did it or they did it wrong and to add salt to that injury they blamed me when the advice I gave them that they didn't follow correctly didn't work. It was my fault!

Ughh! All my time energy and effort spent to grow a viable business drained all my energy and I ended up earning way less than my time was truly worth. You may be able to identify with this. Here's what I learned about what my sponsor was teaching me. He taught me a duplicable system, but the truth, I came to see, was that just because something was duplicable didn't mean that it was effective. Let me explain, the things I was taught to do were in fact easy to do, but they were also, in fact, NOT effective. I was duplicating their results, but the missing link that I didn't see until after I had spent a considerable amount of money and time doing what THEY said was this. . .

What THEY said was a waste of my time I didn't know this until I tallied my results and cross referenced them with other marketers out there. They all were experiencing the same result I was. Here's what I realized . . . They claim duplication and leverage in a network marking business, but knew very little about the basis of what these things even means. Duplication should not be based on how easy something is to do, but rather how effective it is. Leverage does not just apply to the compensation plan that they keep telling you is SO awesome, it actually applies to much more. Here's the missing link explained.

The missing link is leverage, but not the type of leverage they talk about, rather the REAL kind that gets results. Leverage is what you create to help you grow your network marking business. In other words it's the things you control that you have the ability to create leverage around. You don't control your business's compensation plan. You do control your leads, where they come from, how you interact with them, and how you use them to create a favorable economic situation in your business.

Here's what I mean. I failed in my first attempt, just as most network marketers do, because I tried to use an ineffective system for success without all the information. I didn't know that my business revolved around what I controlled, so what I did was . . . I gave my control up and paid handsomely to do it. Instead of generating leads on my own I paid lead companies a large sum of money to GIVE them to me. This was bad because I gave up the most important part of my business and got little in return except a list of names and phone numbers that I had no idea where they REALLY came from and that I could do little with.

I came to realize in my business I had two things I needed to control and overcome to REALLY succeed

They were leads and money. And I was giving my money away for leads that I had no control over and, with that, I left myself very little chance to actually succeed. I realized if I could create a situation where I could control my lead flow and have it actually produce a profit for me in my network marking business I would create a situation of favorable economics. In other words . . . A situation where my lead flow and advertising capital would be infinite.

By doing this the only thing that could ever stop me from succeeding would be me.

There would be no one else to blame. If I couldn't do it with all the leads I needed and all the money I needed then, well, that's on me right? Good thing it more than worked and proven to be an immutable formula for REAL success!

If you can just understand what I've just written to you here then you'll understand how to really dominate your business and create the level of income you desire in network marking business.

Now that I've gotten things under wraps in my business I've made it my personal goal to help a select few do the same.

Each month I hand select 5 to 10 people to teach my system for success to and I will accept you into this group this month if two things happen:

1. I still have room
2. I think you are a good fit for me

Let me explain why. My time is my most valuable asset, not my money. I only have so much time, but I've found that money can be generated and regenerated virtually on demand following my model.

Because of this . . . I am highly selective in who I personally choose to work with. If you've read this report to this point, then you do have the right amount of focus to make the amount of money that you deserve, but I still need to know if you are going to be a good fit for me personally.

If you're not, no love lost. If you are then we can and will have a very prosperous future together.

You can find the basics of the system I'm using for success here:

The details and my exact formula for creating real favorable economics for network marking business success we'll discuss in person if you like. For me to see if we are a good fit for each other, just let me know a little bit about you. I'll look over your information and either have my staff get back to you, or follow up with you personally.

Here is a list of questions that are very important for me to learn a little more about you.

1. What has been your biggest frustration in earning the amount of income you know you deserve?

2. What have you tried in marketing your business that did work and that didn't work?

3. What has held you back from success?

4. If I could help you, what would be most beneficial to you at this point in your business?

Really that's all I need! From this information I'll be able to distinguish if we're a good fit. Oh yeah, just register below at our site and learn more about what we talked about.

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