Saturday, April 5, 2014

Trade Show Display Basics 101

There's so much information on trade show displays that it's overwhelming to sift through a Google search. What I decided was to stick to the basic advertising concepts that I know and apply them to show displays.

Advertising Concept #1: Target Your Audience

Since you've likely meandered through exhausting blocks of noisy, crowded, dimly lit shows like me, you know that the most important factor for an exhibitor is location and space. Where your show display sits, affects who is likely to wander into your exhibit and what kind of design you will need.

Tradeshow Week examined four business sectors reporting that all showed a trend toward increased exhibit space.

Manufacturing and industrial exhibitors looked for larger space or spaces offering product display and more room for exhibitors and attendees to congregate. Information technology exhibitors were also looking for booths that included meeting space or theatre style demonstration areas for their products. Medical and healthcare professionals wanted booths with more open space and more high tech and upscale features. Professional and business trade show exhibitors specifically focused on meeting with trade show attendees rather than selling products. The trend for increased space may create a fundamental shift in the design and features you select in your trade show display. Internet connections and handouts are finding increased importance over product displays. Professional and business services exhibitors sought to bring their unique identity or brand to clients through face-to-face interaction with decision makers and product purchasers. The bottom line is, use your show display to create the space you need to connect with your buyers.

Advertising Concept #2: Design For Your Audience

A cost-efficient portable show display or a razzle-dazzle custom island exhibit will both make statements about who you are. But trade shows aren't about who you are. They are about who your product buyer or service seeker is. When you put yourself in the place of your trade show attendee stopping at your display what do you see?

Do you have enough lighting for them to read your material or are you relying on the light provided by the venue? Can the attendee immediately spot your product or service or is the booth loaded up with too many fun facts, figures, and other text, plus too many small images, and maybe lots of products, too? Keeping it simple is more likely to get your trade show display noticed than a visual plethora of stuff that attendees avoid. Sometimes a few, larger and strategically placed products or information displays present your message in a clearer, less cluttered light where attendees will want to spend time with you in your exhibit.

After you answer that question you can then decide if you need a hardware-oriented display company to construct your exhibit or do you need a design and creative exhibit solution provider to market your product?

If the answer is a little of both consider the ADFab Exhibit Group. ADfab is a single source show display provider and designer who offers a wide range of products: pop up displays, stretch fabric exhibits, modular exhibits, banner stands, portable flooring, hanging signs, outdoor displays and more-but ADFab will get you noticed.

They are the experts in design principles. At ADFab design touches everything they do.

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