Thursday, December 26, 2013

Information Marketing and Short Reports

Selling information online is without any doubt one of the most lucrative forms of making money online, since day one I have been a huge fan of information marketing. However this isn't for everyone. But at some point most are very interested in creating their own information product online. Whether its to compliment an affiliate product, or be part of its own site, dedicated to that product.

Writing in general makes some very nervous, it certainly is for me to this day. I was intimidated at the thought of sitting down to write an ebook. tons of questions like how long should it be? and what if I make mistakes?? Well I'm here to tell you, if you don't write like a 3rd grader and have decent grasp of the Queens English, then your really not going to have a lot of trouble.

Part of making this an easy process, is being in a niche that you are very comfortable and knowledgeable in. One of the reasons why, it becomes very easy for you to come up with ideas for the chapter titles that you want to write about and once you have that, then the rest gets pretty close to writing itself. Another key to being able to write, is writing like your sitting and talking to a friend.

People don't want to read complicated vocabulary. There is no need for it. Remember you are not writing a scientific paper and your audience is a bit simpler about things then you may think. You also don't have to be overly entertaining. Ebooks are informational in nature, and you simply want to make sure have enough meat in it that makes the purchase a worth while investment.

One of the very best ways to get yourself into the the information marketing business model, is to start with writing short 12 to 20 page reports. And there is no better guy to listen to, than Jimmy Brown. This does a few things for you. First and foremost it makes it manageable. It takes the weight of writing 50 to 75 pages out of the equation. It also teaches you how to do it quickly, and still deliver valuable content.

When done right it is pretty easy to put together a number of successive reports that eventually become an ebook. It's fast, its easy, and pretty much can be done in a couple days. I had only wished this had been around when First got started. Life would have been a ton easier.

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