Saturday, December 29, 2012

How to Target a Trade Show Exhibit Audience and Hit the Bullseye Every Time

Marketing is all about targeting the right people and saying the right things to convince them to buy, sign up, or follow whatever call to action is desired by the company. Trade show exhibits require the same amount of precision, if not more so, than regular marketing in order to quickly attract and convince attendees. Here are a few hints and tips to help target the right audience and maximize profits:

Know Their Biggest Fears And Problems

Nothing motivates human beings more than fear. They will leap tall buildings, pay millions of dollars, and trip over themselves and others to avoid something they fear. So, if a business has the product or service to eliminate these fears or solve these problems, people should be running to the business' trade show exhibit and lining up by the masses to make a purchase. Unfortunately, attendees don't always make the connection between their needs and the various products and services offered at trade show exhibits.

One of the best ways to help make this connection is to identify their fears and problems and show them how the business can help. And, the more specific the problems and solutions get, the more targeted the campaign becomes.

Identify With The Target Audience, Don't Preach

Anyone who has ever had their mother tell them to eat their vegetables or make their bed, knows being told what to do isn't pleasant. And, chances are pretty good that when you tell someone what to do, they'll ignore you or do the complete opposite. A target audience for a trade show exhibit will work in much the same way. Therefore, use displays that the ideal customer can identify with; show them that your company understands where they're coming from.

For example, a business selling a pacifier might identify with new parents by recognizing the frustrations of being a new parent and dealing with an inconsolable baby. If inspiration is lacking, look at television and magazines for the best audience and make note of which feelings they identify with.

Be Observant And Flexible

No matter how closely a particular type of attendee is targeted, every person has different needs and feelings than the next person. Therefore, to be as effective as possible, every team member working in the exhibit needs to be able to read people and react accordingly.

Trade show exhibits shouldn't 'go live' without a comprehensive plan for dealing with leads, but it's on the staff member to identify which route to take and when to change the strategy. And, the faster the individual can recognize irritation, disbelief, mistrust, or boredom, the faster he or she will be able to make the switch and convert a cold lead into a hot one.

Targeting attendees for trade show exhibits always requires careful observation and evaluation. Once businesses know what makes their customers tick and can act accordingly, however, the ROI of the show will improve exponentially.

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